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Ammar Idlibi: Three Ways to Market Your Practice

Dr. Ammar Idlibi founded Kids Dental Care in 2007 after spending several years gaining experience in pediatric dentistry. Ammar Idlibi has worked in three different countries and has been practicing for more than twenty years. Since he opened Kids Dental Care, Ammar Idlibi has been able to expand the practice to include three practices and five associate dentists. Ammar Idlibi has worked hard to reach out to as many patients as possible.


Marketing is an important part of running a medical or dental practice. If you are a dentist as well as the owner, you may need to focus on finding innovative ways to reach out to the community. Good marketing can help you gain more patients. One tip for marketing your practice is to build a website. A website could help new patients find you and learn about you and your practice.

You can get involved with your community as well. Sponsoring community events can help you market to new patients. For example, if there is a local festival, you can help sponsor the event by offering funding. The event runners will then mention your practice and you can set up a stand or a tent to inform people about your services.

Word of mouth is another good form of marketing. If you provide great patient care and service, you patients may recommend you to their friends and family. Marketing can help you build your business and develop your practice. Ammar Idlibi is a seasoned pediatric dentist who has created a successful dental practice.

Ammar Idlibi

Ammar Idlibi: What You Should Know About Pediatric Dentistry

Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist in Bristol, Connecticut. Dr. Ammar Iqlibi earned his Doctor of Dental Science from Al-Ba’ath University in 1989. Dr. Ammar Iqlibi then went on to earn a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. Ammar Iqlibi spent years developing his knowledge of pediatric dentistry. Dr. Ammar Iqlibi opened Kids Dental Care, a dental center for children and adolescents in Connecticut. His practice grew and he now has three locations and serves more than twenty-thousands active patients. Dr. Ammar Iqlibi has worked as a mentor for other dentists and he has created a sweet drink for children. If you are interested in pediatric dentistry, there are a few facts that you should know.


Pediatric dentistry is a subfield of dentistry. It involves treating children and adolescents. If you are interested in becoming a pediatric dentistry, you will first need to earn a Doctor of Dental Science from an accredited university. Once you have completed your training, you will need to specialize in pediatrics. There are several universities, such as Tufts University, that have pediatric dentistry programs. In order to become a full-fledged pediatric dentist, you will need to complete a residency program.

Pediatric Dentists are trained to deal with children’s dental needs. These professionals may work with children of all ages, while some may specialize in younger children. Pediatric dentists often need to have a background in child psychology and behavior as well. Working on children’s teeth can be a struggle, therefore these professionals need to understand how to put children at ease. A pediatric dentist may work with a family throughout a child’s entire adolescence. A pediatric dentist can make sure that a child’s teeth are growing correctly and that they are not developing any cavities. A pediatric dentist can help parents determine whether or not their children need braces as well.

Trained pediatric dentists can create calming atmospheres for their patients and help them keep their teeth healthy. These professionals have the opportunity to educate children and their parents on the importance of good dental hygiene and a low-sugar diet. Pediatric dentists can provide children with all of the tools they need to develop healthy and strong teeth. If you want to become a successful pediatric dentist, you may consider spending some time developing your communication skills. You will need to learn how to talk to children as well as their parents. Any profession that involves children can be challenging as well as rewarding. If you choose to work in pediatrics, you will have to spend years studying and working but the rewards will be well worth the efforts. Dr. Ammar Idlibi has been a pediatric dentist for nearly two decades. He cares about all of his patients.

Ammar Idlibi

Ammar Idlibi – How To Improve As A Public Speaker

Ammar Idlibi is a respected pediatric dentist, which has led to him acting as a regular speaker at the annual meetings of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, where Ammar Idlibi presents educational seminars to colleagues. To do this effectively he must be a talented public speaker who is capable of commanding the attention of the room. If this is something you struggle with, do the following to improve.


Know Your Audience
Before you can start preparing your speech you need to develop knowledge of the audience you will be presenting to. Not only will this allow you to choose relevant content, but it will also have an influence on the tone and direction that your speech takes. You can take this a step further when you arrive at the venue by introducing yourself to audience members and establish rapports with them.

Take It Slow
Many novices make the mistake of trying to get through their speeches as quickly as possible, which results in them speaking too quickly. This increases the possibility of verbal flubs, plus you may find that audiences disengage because they detect the nervousness of the speaker. When you arrive on stage take a deep breath and speak at a comfortable pace.

Above all else you need to practice speaking. Spend time in front of a mirror so you can observe your body language when speaking and consider getting a few friends together to watch you speak and critique your technique.

Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist and experienced public speaker.

Ammar Idlibi

Ammar Idlibi – Challenges You Will Face As An Entrepreneur

Upon receiving his certificate in the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry from Tufts University and completing his fellowship at the University Of Connecticut School Of Dental Medicine, Ammar Idlibi traveled back to his home city of Damascus, Syria and opened a private practice. Upon immigrating to the United States in the year 2000, he has continued to demonstrate this entrepreneurial flair, founding Kids Dental Care in 2007. Entrepreneurs like him face a number of difficult challenges, all of which need to be overcome.

Developing A Mind For Business

A good idea and the ability to provide a quality service are both important steps to starting your own company, but you need to learn a lot more in order to run the business successfully. Entrepreneurs need to understand that networking effectively and completing the administrative work that all businesses create is just as important as actually providing their services to clients.

Dealing With Hardship

Few entrepreneurs experience completely smooth transitions into business. There are usually bumps on the road that need to be navigated to get their ideas off the ground. Those who aren’t wholly dedicated to their work may find that such obstacles prevent them from reaching their potentials.

Building Your Team

Ammar Idlibi has built a team that includes “five associate dentists, four full-time hygienists…and thirty-five employees,” all of whom are crucial to the success of his practices. Getting the right people in at the right time will prove crucial to the success of entrepreneurs, so they need to have good hiring practices in place, while also understanding the workplace culture they wish to create.

Ammar Idlibi – Tips For Working With Children

As a pediatric dentist, Ammar Idlibi has extensive experience of working with children and often needs to help young people overcome their fears of dental treatment before he can assist them with their teeth. Working with children presents a number of challenges that you may not encounter when working with adults, so keep the below in mind to find success.

Keep Things Simple
You will usually find that children struggle to engage with what you say if you use complex terminology during conversation. Appreciate the fact that children, particularly younger ones, have short attention spans so you need to keep things as simple and concise as possible. Explain things in language they understand and answer any questions that they may have to help them feel more comfortable.

Use Positive Language
Negative language can have an enormous effect on a child’s psyche, which often makes it harder to work with them. This is especially true in the case of dentists, where any mentions of pain, even saying that something won’t hurt, can conjure up negative thoughts in the minds of children. Be positive in everything that you say and encourage children to keep going.

Encourage Participation
Education has always played a large role in Ammar Idlibi’s life and he encourages discussion in his dental practice. By involving young people in what you are doing you help them to learn about why it is important, while also giving yourself the opportunity to develop trust and engage children in what you are doing.

Ammar Idlibi – Bad Dental Habits That You Can Change Today

As a pediatric dentist, Ammar Idlibi tries to offer as much advice to his patients as possible about what they can do to maintain the long-term health of their teeth. While visiting the dentist regularly and brushing twice a day are obvious, there are many other things that people do that can cause untold damage to their teeth over time. The following are all little habits that are bad for your teeth and oral hygiene, all of which can be changed in an instant.

Crunching Ice

There are few things better than the taste of an ice-cold beverage on a warm day. Disregarding the fact that this beverage may be a soft drink, which likely contains sugar and could damage your drink, it is the ice that may present a more immediate threat. Many people have gotten into the habit of chewing the ice in their drinks when it goes into their mouths. At first glance this may not seem like much of an issue, after all it’s only water in another form. However, the coldness of the ice, coupled with its brittle nature, can actually cause microscopic cracks to appear on the teeth when it is crunched, which can develop into big problems later on.

Using Teeth As Tools

Your teeth are tools for eating food, but a lot of people use them for all sorts of other things. There are probably many reading this who have torn open a plastic wrapping with their teeth or used their molars to loosen a bottle cap. All of these actions cause your teeth to come into contact with materials that they should not be interacting with. These can lead to trauma and may even result in teeth getting chipped.

Teeth Grinding

The effects of teeth grinding are obvious in that it wears down your teeth. Unfortunately, this is something that many people do at night, when they are unaware of what is happening. The best fix in these cases is to speak to your dentist and acquire some mouth protection that will stop your grinding. Those who grind their teeth when they are awake need to exercise a little bit of willpower to get out of the habit.

Using The Wrong Toothbrush

While brushing regularly is always recommended, you may actually be damaging your teeth if you use a hard-bristled brush. There is a common misconception that harder brushes will result in cleaner teeth, but this is not usually the case, especially with older adults. As you age your gums will start to recede and the roots of your teeth become more exposed. Hard bristled brushes will cause pain in these more sensitive areas, in addition to leading to gum irritation.

Ammar Idlibi is the founder of Kids Dental Care and has been practicing dentistry since 1992.

Ammar Idlibi – How To Price Your Dental Services

Having built three successful pediatric dental practices from scratch, Ammar Idlibi is an authority not only in dentistry, but also in business. Today, you can hear all different opinions and perspectives about pricing strategies of the dental services.

Dentistry is a business based on relationships. You simply can’t build great relationships and long-term customers if the only thing that you advertise is the cheapest price.

Cheapest price customers are only loyal to the lowest price. The second someone decides to undercut you and offer a lower price, such customers will leave you and go elsewhere. This is why you want to sell quality, service, value, and benefits, not just the lowest price.

Study your area before you decide how to price your dental services. You can easily get all kinds of stats about a zip code for free by visiting the US Census website. If you have a lot of affluent homes around you and all other dentists are competing based on price, there’s definitely an opportunity for high-end services in your area.

It is also helpful to use the laws of supply and demand when commanding higher fees. The busier and less available you are, the more people will want to get an appointment with you.

This is why Ammar Idlibi believes that you always want to find ways to create exclusivity and underline short supply and great demand if that happens to be the case in your practice.