Ammar Idlibi – Tips For New Dentists

Though he has been a dental professional for more than two decades, Ammar Idlibi still remembers what it felt like to be brand new to the profession. Here he provides a number of tips for new dentists who are a little anxious about their first years in practice especially when handling new children patients.

Set Goals

This is a tip that works with practically any profession, so new dentists should always keep in mind. You should always have a goal that you are aiming towards during the course of your career, as this will keep you motivated and more willing to strive towards success. Write your goal down, whether it is to open your own practice or become a member of a dental organization, and then make a plan of how you can get there.

Continue Your Education

While your college education will have given you plenty of knowledge about the world of dentistry, there is always so much more to learn. You should never allow your knowledge to stagnate. Make the effort to complete extra courses whenever you are able and try to keep abreast of the latest developments within your specialization.

Always Check Contracts

It is likely that you will become an associate or serve a fellowship during your first few years as a dentist, so Ammar Idlibi recommends that you always take a little bit of time to fully check your first contract. Do not accept anything that you are unhappy with just because you are desperate to take the first steps in your career. Instead, exercise some patience and find the job that suits you best.