Ammar Idlibi – Dental Tips for Kids

While pediatric dentists like Ammar Idlibi always strive to offer the best level of care to reach patient that they treat, it is important for parents to understand what they need to do at home in order to ensure that their children have healthy teeth. The following pointers should help you keep your kid’s teeth healthy.

Develop Routines

People should ideally brush their teeth twice a day, including children, so it is a good idea to establish this routine as early as possible in the child’s life. Have them brush their teeth as soon as they wake up and be sure that they do the same again before they go to bed. Don’t let them skip these brushing sessions, as they will start to feel less important in the child’s mind if you do.

Help Them Brush

A lot of children will struggle with brushing their teeth properly when they first start brushing, so be sure to help them understand how to cover every part of their mouth. Try brushing their teeth for them at first, explaining what you are doing at each stage, why it is important to spend a certain amount of time brushing and how they will be able to tell when they have finished.

Limit Sugary Snacks

Sugar is one of the biggest threats that kids will face when it comes to dental hygiene, so you need to limit the amount of sugar that your child eats during the course of the day. Ammar Idlibi believes that you don’t need to get rid of sugar entirely, but be aware of the recommended daily amount that a child can consume and don’t allow them to exceed these limits.