Ammar Idlibi – Tips for Running a Dental Practice

Having opened dental practices in Syria and the United States, Ammar Idlibi is more than aware of the challenges that running a dental practice can present. You will be taking on much more responsibility than if you were simply an associate of an existing practice, so keep all of the following tips in mind when you strike out on your own.

Stay Business Oriented

While it is important to be a strong presence in your own dental practice, offering treatment on a regular basis, you need to understand that you are now running a business and need to adjust your work schedule accordingly. Do not underestimate the amount of work that the business side of the practice will require and hire new staff as needed if you don’t have the expertise required for a particular aspect.

Build a Strong Scheduling System

Your scheduling system is going to be important for many reasons, especially as your practice begins to build a patient base. This means that you need to ensure the system behind your scheduling is solid. This ensures a high level of efficiency amongst staff, in addition to making sure that patients don’t end up getting double-booked, leading to issues.

Focus on Repeat Business

Bringing new patients into your practice is important, but Ammar Idlibi notes that it is your repeat patients who will be the lifeblood of your practice. Make sure that you offer a standard of service that other local practices simply can’t compete with, both in terms of treatment and the relationships that you form with patients. This will create loyalty and ensure you always have a steady supply of business.


About Ammar Idlibi

Ammar Idlibi is a pediatric dentist who is focused on keeping children healthy. He runs three large practices in Connecticut and he works with children on a regular basis. He educates his patients and their parents about proper oral hygiene. He also created a sweet drink for children that helps their teeth rather than harms them. He is dedicated to his career as a pediatric dentist.
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