Ammar Idlibi – Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

In addition to being an extremely accomplished pediatric dentist, Ammar Idlibi is also a business owner and he operates three practices in Connecticut. As such, he understands how to properly market a dental practice in order to build repeat business and ensure success in a competitive field. He offers the following tips to people who have just opened their own.

Word Of Mouth is Vital
You should place much of your focus on the quality of the service that you provide, ensuring none of your patients have a reason to complain about your practice. Focus on putting them first, which not only ensures that they will return whenever they need additional dental work, but will also recommend you to friends and family as well.

Always Carry Business Cards
Whenever you attend a networking function or any event where members of the public will be present, always be sure that you have business cards on hand that you can give to people. Don’t force them onto those who aren’t interested in your services, but if you find yourself talking about work and the other person seems interested, offer them the card. You may find yourself getting a new patient in the process.

Pay Attention to Your Website
Ammar Idlibi has found that a lot of dental practice owners fail to fully take advantage of what their website has to offer them. In addition to your search engine optimization, which should be focused on your services and the area you provide them in, you should also structure the site so that it encourages people to call into the practice so you can speak to them directly.