Ammar Idlibi

Ammar Idlibi: Three Ways to Market Your Practice

Dr. Ammar Idlibi founded Kids Dental Care in 2007 after spending several years gaining experience in pediatric dentistry. Ammar Idlibi has worked in three different countries and has been practicing for more than twenty years. Since he opened Kids Dental Care, Ammar Idlibi has been able to expand the practice to include three practices and five associate dentists. Ammar Idlibi has worked hard to reach out to as many patients as possible.


Marketing is an important part of running a medical or dental practice. If you are a dentist as well as the owner, you may need to focus on finding innovative ways to reach out to the community. Good marketing can help you gain more patients. One tip for marketing your practice is to build a website. A website could help new patients find you and learn about you and your practice.

You can get involved with your community as well. Sponsoring community events can help you market to new patients. For example, if there is a local festival, you can help sponsor the event by offering funding. The event runners will then mention your practice and you can set up a stand or a tent to inform people about your services.

Word of mouth is another good form of marketing. If you provide great patient care and service, you patients may recommend you to their friends and family. Marketing can help you build your business and develop your practice. Ammar Idlibi is a seasoned pediatric dentist who has created a successful dental practice.


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